Software user manuals are often overlooked by customers. For example, do people still read Asus manuals when trying after buying and setting up a new computer? We don’t think so. They would much rather google a query or talk to a customer service representative.

It can be concluded that not that many people bother to read user manuals anymore. But, if we were to make some changes in these manuals so that people will be enticed to read them more, we will begin with these top 3 qualities. These are the characteristics of the best user manual.

Do not forget to include visuals

Visuals are very important to make complicated instructions easy. Not everyone has the same level of technical abilities. Technical jargon may be too difficult for some people to understand; thus, visuals make everything simpler. Plus, this makes the user manuals even more fun, creative and less boring! You can also make use of cartoons to ensure that the manual will make the user want to actually pick it up and read it.

Clear and concise

You have to remember that reading a user manual is not for leisure reading. User manuals that are long, wordy and beat around the bush are most often pushed to the side. The best user manuals are straight to the point. It has to clearly explain each process involved in the product. So, when a user looks for an answer to a specific problem, he or she can find it right away. This way, the user won’t have to google anymore or talk to a customer service representative on the phone.

Up to date

User manuals need to be updated, too! Every product or service is being updated with new features. These said features need to be on the manual.