Nowadays, everyone can take a photo with just an Iphone or an Android smart phone, but you still need a photo-editing app to enhance the photos before uploading them to Instagram or Facebook to get many likes. But with so many photo-editing application available in apple store, how would you know the best pho-editing software for you? Do you need an app with a lot of filters? Or do you want more advanced effects? Or do you need an easy access to it where you can convert its format from png to pdf on iphone? Here are some of the best photo-editing app for you.


This photo editor app is more appropriate for beginners. With the Snapseed tools, you can easily improve exposure, color, and sharpness of the photo. Also, you can crop, rotate and straighten images. It is very easy to use and completely free to download.


Vsco is also one of the best photo filter apps for Iphone. It has a lot of filter collection that allows you to create the look of a classic film in your photos. The filters available are suitable for adding a vintage feel to your images.

Afterlight 2

This app provides common editing tools like crop tools exposure, sharpness and color but it also gives a set of advanced tools like selective color and curves. These tools enable you to adjust the tone of the colors in your images to enhance them better.


Dalgona is exclusive only for Iphone users. It is a vintage filter app. It shows different results. You can choose from 7 ranges of filters to make your photos look for vintage and sophisticated.


This app is appropriate for applying textures to your Iphone photos. It also has a range of other effects including grain, light leaks, and gradients. Additionally, you can add wonderful mood and visual interests to your images.