One way to show your appreciation to clients is through giving gifts. This usually takes time and money, but the return of investment is magnified by the good it will generate. Choosing the perfect corporate gift basket that will be greatly appreciated by your client and will not break your budget will require rigorous planning and research.

Gift shops with ready-made gift baskets usually sell them at a huge mark-up, and it would be difficult to find the best corporate gifts for clients when going over the assigned budget is not an option. A cheaper alternative would be making your own, carefully catered based on your clients’ background. We’ve listed things that will guide you to make an inexpensive gift basket that perfectly represents the appreciation and gratitude your company wishes to express.


Gift shops are able to procure inexpensive gift baskets from trade shows and gift shows. Since you don’t have access to these events, dollar stores and grocery stores will be your go-to places for these.

If you’re giving everyone the same gift basket, then the dollar store would be a better option as they have multiple stocks of the same design. But if you’re planning on making individual baskets for each of your clients, you have to get the baskets from a variety of different sources.


These are generally used to fill those small areas where there is nothing to make the basket fuller. It will also serve as a cushion to the items inside. You can use different types of paper depending on how you want your basket to appear. Run the paper through a shredder then voila, you have all the shred filler that you need.

Wrap and Bow

Avoid using plastic bags or plastic cling wraps for your gift basket as they will make it look cheap. Cellophane wraps are a perfect choice. They’re relatively cheap and give the gift basket a great look while still looking fancy and extravagant.

The bow or topper that you need to use should fit the kind of client that will be receiving the gift basket. You can tie the basket up with a bow then top it with a small add-on to add flair.


Of course, the container and how it is wrapped will be useless if the contents is not well thought-of. This is where your knowledge and familiarity of the client will come into play. You can tailor-fit it to whatever you think your client would appreciate. Or you can go with staples like a gourmet gift basket. Whatever direction you take, make sure what you give will represent the message you want to convey.