Instant messaging apps are getting huge popularity by each passing day. Well, these apps are known as the best method in order to stay connected with relatives and friends. For taking advantages of such applications, we just need to télécharger apk pour PC. In fact, we can also create the instant messaging app which will allow the users to send images, create groups or chat with other people. Check out the main features of the messaging apps below.

  • The users will be able to upload the status on their profile. It will be visible to other people. We can also offer the facility of privacy by which they will filter the list of contacts for viewing status.
  • Users can make their profile. They will no restriction to fill every detail column. They can fill the desired details and also upload their photo on the profile picture.
  • Presence management is also an attractive feature. Due to this, users will be allowed the list of people who are online. Along with this, they will also be able to see the last seen time and date.

  • Users can also enjoy the feature of video calling and voice calling. They can talk with anyone with ease by using the app.
  • They can do chat with other users, and it is the main factor of such type of app. Apart from chatting, users will also be allowed to share location, contacts, videos, and images.

Moreover, there will also a search option by which we can find our friends with ease. These are the chief features of instant messaging apps. When it comes to the procedure of developing the app, then it is too easy. There are only a few steps which can be completed easily, and we will be able to build an app.