What’s the Use of Emulators for Installing Mobile Games on PCs?

Playing Clash of Clans on Mobile is exciting. However, it is a lot more exciting if you can play it on a wider and bigger monitor and keyboard like the computer.

You can ease your speed and level up your tactics with your different keyboard moves and short cuts. But being an Android game itself, most players are asking if they can play the game on PCs without using emulators.

For the information of everybody, emulators are what we used if we want to install the games on PC. Since it originally runs on Android, some people really find it difficult to play the games on PCs.

There has been a lot of versions made for PCs using emulators. So the big question is, can we play Clash of Clan without the aid of an emulator?

The answer is NO.

There is no other way that you can run the system on a PC without using emulators.


Is it the end of the game here?

End of the game would mean it is a dead end. No emulators, No Clash of Clans on PC, as simple as that. But of course, there are always these certain geniuses who would hack their way to invade the privacy of others.

The dead-end doesn’t really mean it is the end. The genius had its way and discover one way to hack CoC and be able to play the game on PC.

You can always install the Android OS on your PC if you are desperately seeking ways on how to play it on computers. Once you have installed the system, you have successfully bypassed the use of emulators.

So the next time you wanted to download the game Clash of Clan on your computers, better download the Android OS first. Therefore without using emulators, you can still play the game.