Burnout in youth sports has become an increasing problem today among modern kids. Over-practice and frustrations from not being able to keep their parents’ expectations are too of the major reasons here. Doctors are shocked to find they have to perform critical surgeries on young kids that are common with adult professional athletes. The solution to the said problem begins with proper prevention. Here is a brief on how to avoid burnout in youth sports.

Motivate instead of over-criticism

As mentioned before, burnout in youth sports largely stems from depression due to the inability to perform and keep parents happy. Any diligent child will work hard on the field or in BandarQ sessions to see smile on his parents’ face. But you have to understand he has his limitations. At times, he may underperform and that’s completely normal. Don’t make winning a life and death situation and then rebuke him to the T when he can’t perform well. Excessive criticism has never done any good to anybody and can only push a person into further agony.

So, both parents and coaches should focus more on motivating a child to perform at his best. Yes, you will definitely point out his faults but do it in a constructive away.

Beware of over-practice

There is no need for little kids to specialize in sports from an early age even they aim to be athletes. But some coaches today are so focus on early specialization that they force the kids to overpractice that leaves them with traumatizing injuries. Beware of such coaches and take steps immediately, if need be.

Encourage participation in multiple sports

Cross-training through multiple sports has shown to develop major whole-body skills such as quickness, core strength and balance. It helps to improve the overall ability of an athlete and enables him to perform better than what is possible through single-sport training. When an athlete comes with better performance, he is at the lesser risk of mistakes which prevents burnout from stress.