Games are fun and enjoyable as long as it is played in moderation and with limit. As the gaming world evolves and with the introduction of BandarQ, the classic games that we and our children used to play also changes.

Apart from the changes in the gaming experiences, several changes in the players had also been observed by some experts. In the past, we can check our children’s behavior when playing. We can also set the people who they can play with so that we can assure that they won’t learn bad things.

As online gaming becoming more and more popular, we have come to the point where we let our children play some online games so that they won’t go anywhere else and just stay in the house. But, if you can observe, the longer they play online and the number of online game they play increases, you, as a parent might have observed something from your children. One thing for sure, they will somehow say some trash talks or some online slangs such us “noob”, “mobs”, etc.

Learning some game slang might not be bad, but saying trash talks to other players might not be good. At early age, they are exposed to bullying. Bullying this time might not be physical but it can also be psychological and emotional. Imagine what your children feel if somebody would will cuss them or talk trash to them. That might hurt their feelings and could lead to some changes in their behavior and personality.

On the other hand, if your child is not the one who’s been bullied, make sure that he or she is not the bully. Online gaming should be fun and you should earn some friends out of it, not earn enemies from it.

For some advices in online gaming safety, you may check on these 3 ways to help your children navigate gaming. Lastly, as a parent, always monitor your children when they play, especially when they are playing online games.