The developers of the renowned video game, Fortnite, have decided to pull away ad clips of the games from all YouTube videos and Google to stop child exploitation. According to certain studies and research, the company found the controversial happenings because of the advertisements they had put online and therefore decided to shut it down.

Ads that are played before any type of video or movie on YouTube have been removed in order to promote child welfare. They have contacted Google and other leading online services to help them with the issue and remove any kind of content that could lead to child exploitation.

The predators of the brand have tried to soil the image by bringing media into the picture and contacting other services to act upon the issue. Many companies who have been using child actors have been warned by this move to not repeat the act any time soon. Ads which include child actors are a threat to a quality upbringing of the children in today’s time. Moreover, other advertisements which include objectification of women, etc. could leave a mark on their young minds. The comment section of such videos is filled with predators focusing on all the parts that are sexualizing children in any way.

Actions are taken over the issue:

These events lead to a huge controversy for the YouTube handlers, because of which they had to take some immediate actions which included deletion of such videos and ads that could be threatening to children in any way. YouTube has also tried to eradicate any comments or statement that could have a bad effect on the children around the world. YouTube has been taking care of any disturbing content on the website and has never failed to make it a safe place for people of any age.

Many activists have been rising up on the issue and bringing up content which is disturbing for the children around. No specific mention of the Fortnite has been noticed but content related to having been mentioned in many statements made by these activists.

Following these events, YouTube even deleted many accounts and channels that could create a problem in the coming days and made sure to not allow such content again on their website.Fortnite developers have uploaded many ads to promote the game which includes ads like kostenlose v bucks in fortnite, etc. that have some actions that could scar children and have a bad effect over their upbringing. The developers made sure to do away with such ads from their brand before a mishap takes place. The comment section for these ads has also been taken care of.

Final words:

YouTube has been very particular about the content on its page and would tolerate no threats to its reputation around the world. Realizing this, many successful brands that have received warnings or could have received one have started removing illegal content from YouTube as well as Google. Brands like Nestle and Disney have served the cost and made sure to remove child exploiting ads from these websites at once.