Passive aggressive behaviors are quite common in day-to-day live. The stress from all of the daily factors adds up to its cause. This is a typical behavior in which the individual out of stress or frustration do certain activities that frustrates the person one is with or the partner. Unconsciously, ruining the other person’s mood and getting frustrated too. Then the person blames back the other person for being angry when the fault was one’s own. A typical passively aggressive person has low self-esteem and is often manipulative and conflicting in nature and has severe intimacy problems. Now let’s look into this when a passively aggressive person is in a relationship.

Understand the relationship:

A relationship can be as simple as it can be and at the same time it can be the most complicated things in life. Maintaining and carrying out a relationship demands the active participation of both the individuals. Communication is the greatest key, but what if the partner is a passively aggressed? Things can be so difficult to handle and often each day can be so much more frustrating. There are several reasons for this. First reason might be that anger is unacceptable in a relationship and it is often considered too hostile. Secondly, passive aggression is comfortable than assertiveness, people like to express themselves with the means of passive aggressiveness rather then being straight and honest of their feelings. This is also considered as a powerful method of expressing your intentions and desires and a more convenient way than being up-front. These traits are often harming to a relationship and control this behavior is of outmost importance.

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