A New Evan In Dear Evan Hansen

One of the best stage musical of the time, Dear Evan Hansen introduces Taylor Trensch as the new Evan. There is nothing changed in the script of the musical but you will go to a see a new Evan which is still breathtaking for musical. But Ben Platt led the cast for years and he is one of those who opened the show on the Broadway and from several years he had been living with Evan Hansen.

Mr. Platt played the role from the first reading the musical from the years 2014 and fit well with the character. The story of the Dear Evan Hansen is an around a high school going boy who has social anxiety and afraid to talk with people and the changes in his life. After a long journey in the Dear Evan Hansen, Ben Platt is replaced by the Taylor Trensch who is going to be the new Evan Hansen of the musical. Mr. Trensch is the intermittently troubled and naturalistic person that Ben Platt. With the new Evan who is less dominating, the weight of the story will equally be distributed among the eight characters of the musical. With all the amazing character and role, the story is getting more likes in the audience and this is a high def theater that is full of information and color wherever you see. dear evan hansen us tour is going to happen very soon.

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