Using Cheats To Play Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery is a game story where a player needs to do the task and go for adventure and compete with others. To do all these tasks, each player needs energy which one gets only after completing the task, if energy gets depleted before completion of a task then it’ll be difficult to remain in a game or may lose.

How to play the game:

  • Just like the real story of Harry Potter, here player needs to attend classes and learn lessons to get more energy but at the same time, if broke any house rules, then loses energy as a penalty.
  • In this game, there is duel competition like stone-paper-scissors. As just like stone-paper-scissors, in this game player has to choose among three stances to for combat. This form of the game depends on luck and also on prediction as what form of stance opponent would use so that player could counter-attack with the powerful stance. For each stance, the player has three options. Either he gets the same stance as his or her opponent, his or her stance is powerful than that of the opponent or weaker than that of the opponent, just like stone-paper-scissors. This competition finishes when the energy of either player gets much lower than the opponent or depleted completely.

  • Then, there is questions and answers round where Ben or Rowan asks or comments on some circumstances, whereas a harry potter, a player needs to give the best possible answer.

Without energy, the game is not that challenging. It is already free to download. And nowadays, thanks to some geeks, one can get cheat or hack easily from the internet to get more energy to stay in the game which makes the game less fun or adventurous. Even, the cheats are not in English now, if we search google with harry potter Hogwarts mystery cheats Deutsch, we can get cheats to play in German too.

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