7 Signs That Deserve A Mental Health Day Off From Your Work

We all get sick sometimes and take off days from work but this is strictly kept for the times when the symptoms show. But what happens when the only health in danger is your mental health? Listed below are the seven signs that are ways for your brain telling you that it needs some rest. (Disclaimer: You could ease your soul by accessing http://www.joeotoole.net/ when you are sitting and enjoying your day off.)

  • You get irritated and angry at small things 

If you feel that your colleague is getting on your nerves with that pen tapping habit of his or you chew anyone’s head off for the slightest of mistakes, that is when you know you need a break.

  • Zoning out frequently

You are in a meeting and maybe it is your turn to present. If you go blank then and remain in your own dreams, you need a mental health day.

  • You feel like a fish out of water

The third sign is when you feel disconnected from everyone else. The place where you were slaying like a queen is now completely alien to you and that’s when you know.

  • Cry at any and everything

When the smallest of things trigger you to bawl your eyes out, you know your brain cannot take any more.

  • You stay tired all the time

It is a fresh start to the week but you look like you are the same sluggish self that you were on Friday.

  • You’ve got no focus 

It could be anytime but you are not being able to concentrate on your work.

  • Sleep has disappeared 

If you have not had a sound sleep for some days, you should understand that you are too stressed out – it’s time for you to tune it all out in that mental health day off.

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