5 Tips To Choosing A High-End Modern Villa For Rent In Maadi, Cairo

Located at the southern part of Cairo, Maadi is bustling with posh apartment & villas for rent. This leafy breezy suburban district is a treat to both eyes and soul and hence a much coveted tourist destination. Are you too planning to rent a villa in Maadi? Well, here is a brief on the 5 tips for choosing the right high end modern villa for rent here for you.

Get a comparison study

Don’t just settle with the first villa you come across. The rule of the thumb is to make a shortlist of at least 4-5 villas so that you can take a comparative study on them. Check the décor, the amenities offered and certainly what the previous guests had to say about it. The one you choose should be backed by a long line of happy guests.

Get the right location

The location of a villa is another important factor to consider. Look for a villa nestled in a well-connected place which is not too far from the airport and the main city downtown. Go for a villa that’s in close proximity to social amenities like bars, restaurants and other entertainment centers.

Rooms & attached amenities

Are you holidaying with a big group? Well, then, you should check out beforehand whether or not your chosen villa houses sufficient amount of rooms to accommodate all guests comfortably. Additionally, you should also take note of the amenities offered with each room. A posh modern villa must promise all the needed refined amenities like attached bathroom, hot tubs, Wi-Fi, fridge, room service and so on.

Check the tariff

Needless to mention, modern high-end villas here are slightly more expensive compared to regular hotels and other travel accommodations. But, there are two ways to find a competitive deal. One is to travel in off season. The other is to compare multiple villas to attain a competitive price.

Traveling with pet?

If you are traveling with pet, make sure your chosen villa is pet-friendly.

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