Treasure At Tampines: The Perks Of It Being Your Home

Finding a permanent place to settle in Singapore is definitely no easy job. This is because doing so requires you to go through specifications and other information you could possibly find about the possible choices. If you are yet to move out, and if you project moving into a place within the next 4 to 5 years, then Treasure at Tampines is a great place for you to consider. From the canvassing to actually residing in the area in the future, you will be met with a lot of benefits and conveniences. What are some of these? Let’s find it out in detail below.

Nearby Shopping Malls Accessible  

One thing you ought to consider in getting a new home is that your home should be as close to amenities and places of work, recreation, or even purchasing of supplies as possible. Treasure at Tampines is located near the NTUC Supermarket, which is a great place to purchase your groceries for daily living. It is also close to other places like IKEA, and the Tampines Retail Park, among others.

There are Health Facilities Nearby

As the saying goes, health is wealth. It is ideal for your home to be located near a hospital, where all your medical needs can be properly addressed. The closest hospital in all of Tampines is no other than the Changi General Hospital, which you only need to walk a few minutes from your unit just to get there. This can help to assure that emergency medical needs are taken care of as soon as possible.

Easy Transportation

Treasure at Tampines is really close to 3 MRT Stations, specifically the Tampines West MRT and the Tampines MRT. It is also a mere 7 minutes away from Simei MRT, making things much easier for you.

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