Apex Legends Has Hit 25 Million Players After One Week

Online gaming is very popular these days amongst the young generation. Among the various online gaming,battle royale is most popular where a map is provided to you and you have to collect arms, ammunition, bullet-proof vests, health kits, and more and have to defeat your rivals in order to survive to the last. Apex legends have broken the records by gaining 25 million players in just one week within its first week of launch. It puts lots of pressure on the server with these many players and often the game can be stuck but there are ways by which this problem can be avoided.

Why this is game so popular

There are many reasons this game is so much in demand right now is that anyone can play it for free from any corner of the earth. You just need a fast internet connection for a smooth game. There you can play with anyone, your family, your friend you can play with other players too which is randomly selected by the server. The developers also organize some competition with the professional players and you can earn money through this. Talking about the graphics it is pretty amazing you just cannot resist playing it. Apart from all these, you will mostly find good players who know games of this genre better which makes it more thrilling and exciting throughout the whole game. There are some hacks available on the internet which can make your game better. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to start your game and often freezes in the middle of the game which you can avoid by choosing a different server and ping.

So if there is a long and boring weekend ahead you can use this game to kill some time with family and friends. If you find some difficulty in starting the game there are apex legends hack through which you can change the server and ping which make your game smooth.

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