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Are you about to chalk up signage for your new business? Well, signage has always been crucial to grab attention of your niche and brandish your company to the outer world. However, since signage is a major promotional element, you have to be strategic with its design. Here is a brief on expert recommendations on business signage Brisbane.

Mind the colour

Signage is a visual concept and colour plays a major role here. Experts advise to focus on compelling shades that will inspire a passerby to check out your banner for some time. Prominent colours also stay etched in the mind for long. Thus, if your signage features inspiring colours, the spectators won’t easily forget your brand and your message. But then, the colour you choose for the signage should tally with the ethos of your business.  A corporate house should not use funky colors which is otherwise ideal for a fashion store.

Be careful of readability

No matter how well placed a signage is, it will lose its value if it can’t assure easy readability. Put simply, your signage should be comfortably legible. As per experts, it’s better to use a contrasting design to leverage legibility for the signage. a pristine white background is mostly favoured since it can highlight any colour. However, if you plan to use a dark background, make sure to use light-colored text. A border right around graphics or text will also enhance readability.

Also, try to keep fonts as simple as possible. It will be better to avoid fancy lines and curves around important text as that may hamper readability.

Mind the size

Larger is the signage and text, better it is. Bigger structures immediately translate to higher readability. The basic rule is 10ft/inch of the letter height. Put simply, text letters with 10” height will be easily legible from 10 ft distance.

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