Maintaining a DSLR is never easy and you need to take a lot of care in order to maintain it. You should always check the Canon 80D bundle price and always make sure that you follow the instructions that come along with the camera. Never use a hard brush to clean your lens since you could end up scratching the lens. Use a soft brush which is specifically designed to clean your DSLR lens.

The Cleaning Process

There are three steps to cleaning your DSLR lens the right way

#1- Cleaning The Exterior

You need to start off using a high quality microfiber cloth to wipe the exterior f the lens and the lens hood to take off any dust and dirt particles that might have settled on it. You could use an optical formula or liquid to clean these portions if they are too dirty. Water is also a good option since it contains no chemicals and is safe to use. Always ensure you use clean filtered water since some homes tend to get hard water which could damage the DSLR lens.

#2- Cleaning The MountĀ 

One of the most crucial areas of your lens is the mount and this is one of the places you need to give special attention to. Most of the oil and dirt will get accumulated at the mount and if you don’t clean this area from time to time your image quality will go down.

#3 – Clean The Front And RearĀ 

The best way to do this is by using the microfiber cloth. Always try to keep two microfiber cloths to clean the lens and the area around it. A rocket blower is another tool that you can keep handy to take off all the dust and dirt from your DSLR lens.