Knowing More On The Housing Project Of Juniper Hill

About the project

Juniper Hill is one of the well-known and prime housing projects in the area of Bukit Timah at Singapore. Considered as one of the most influential upmarket residential projects of Singapore, the entire project spreads over 96736 square feet and has a fixed number of flats available for the populace. The location of the project is the prime reason for increased investment in the same as it enhances the style of living and influences the price of the overall real estate. This article speaks majorly on the benefits of this project and the type of flats that will be available to the customers.

The benefits

Following are some of the benefits that can be earned by the residents who prefer to invest in the project of Juniper Hill: –

  • Prime location in the vicinity of railway stations, airports and other important landmarks such that a lot of cost on transportation can be saved
  • Presence of all forms of important malls, shops, banks, supermarkets, fine dining restaurants etc. within the walkable radius of the project so as to further improvise the living style of the people and provide them with all forms of comfort
  • Access to a good number of viewpoints that can help in spending quality time with nature
  • Presence of a number of top-notch schools in the vicinity that can remove the tension of searching for the prime schools for kids
  • Easy accessibility to various tourist spots of the city and hence keeps in mind about the vacations of the residents too

The types of flats available

There are broadly three categories of flats available under the entire project- Single, double and family flats. These differ in the square feet area of the floorings and hence the interested ones can contact the sales team to decide which type would be suitable for them. The payment method can be decided after discussion with the team and on the basis of the one to which the customer would be comfortable with.

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