Camping StovesColeman is one of the oldest manufacturers of camping equipment, including propane stoves. The propane comes from a small portable tank attached to the stove through a hose and nozzle. Coleman makes a wide variety of these grills, including some that stand on legs and others that sit directly on a table or a flat surface.

Perfect-flow Coleman camping stoves are more traditional camping stoves because they include the company’s classic green, two-burner design. The stoves have a flat surface, with two burners and a grill grate placed on top of the burners. Some models have only one burner. There is also a shield on the back and sides of the stove to keep the flame from going out when the wind blows.

Camping StovesRoad-trip
Coleman’s Road-trip stoves are more lightweight and easier to carry than the Perfect-flow models. They have two grilling or cooking surfaces and use portable table-top stands. The stoves feature a rolling table underneath the stove.

EvenTemp is a new line of propane stoves from Coleman that have the InstaStart feature. InstaStart allows the user to instantly turn on the stove by touching a button. The grills have three burners instead of two and come with a griddle pan that attaches to the top, allowing the user to make pancakes, hot dogs, or cook something in a pot.

Rendezvous is another new product from Coleman. This little camp stove has two burners and a grill screen, but it’s more lightweight and compact than some of the company’s other models. The stove can be folded in half and lies flat when not in use. There is also a special carrying bag for this model that allows you to carry the stove inside the bag even if the stove is still hot.

Camping StovesWarnings
Using a propane stove on top of dry leaves can lead to a fire. Make sure Coleman replacement propane tanks fit your grill. A propane tank that is too large can cause a leak or break the nozzle.