There are so many regular everyday household items we can use in so many new and different ways…..

Have you ever used ordinary Dental Floss for anything else then flossing?…… Did you know that there are many other ways you can use clean dental floss?

How about Hair Conditioner or ordinary Fabric Softener found in every laundry room?

All of these 3 everyday household items have so many more uses….. There are so many new ways we can use them to make our life easier and of course cheaper.

I would like to share with you few new ways you can turn these ordinary household items into everyday helpers in a pinch.

Dental Floss:

(it is a good idea to use unflavored dental floss):

Cut Cheese – make perfect slices with dental floss

Remove Stuck Cookies – never break another cookie again. Slide a piece of dental floss between the cookie and the cookie sheet. Dental floss is way thinner then spatula.

Hang a picture – if you need to hang a picture and you don’t have picture frame wire on hand jut use a dental floss. You can double it up for bigger frames.

Make or Fix Jewelry – your favorite bead necklace broke and you have pieces everywhere. Bring on the dental floss and string your beads into a necklace again.

Sewing Projects – if you need a stronger thread for one of you projects. You can also keep a needle attached do your dental floss case when traveling and you will have an instant sewing kit when you need it.

Hair Conditioner:


Clean Your Plants – little bit of hair conditioner on a towel will help to remove grime from the leaves of your plants and make them shiny.

Clean Leather Shoes – little bit of hair conditioner on a clean rag with get all the dirt of your shoes and it will keep your leather shoes soft as well.

Take Off a Bandage – no more tears from your kids while removing their band-aids. Rub little bit of hair conditioner into the end of the sticky part. Wait little bit and just gently peel of the band-aid.

Stop Door From Squeaking – apply little dab of hair conditioner to the hinges with a towel. It will lubricate the metal and stop the annoying squeak.

Remove a Stuck Ring – your fingers are swollen or you tried on someone else’s ring and now it’s stuck. Just rub some hair conditioner around the ring and it will slide off with ease.

Fabric Softener:


Peel Off Wallpaper – easy with water and fabric softener solution. Combine cap full of fabric softener with 1 quart of warm water . Dip a sponge in the solution and dampen the wallpaper. Let is soak for 20 minutes and you will be able to peel of the wallpaper right off.

Clean Curling Iron Hairspray Buildup – with solution of 1 Tablespoon of fabric softener and ¼ cup of warm water. Make sure your curling iron is cool. Apply the solution to the barrel with cotton swab. Then just wipe it off.

Stop Shower Curtain Cling – in a spray bottle mix equal parts of fabric softener and water. Spritz in all over the liner of your shower curtain. To prevent the shower curtain from sticking to you next time you have a shower.